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Phimai Historical Park,Thailand

Phimai Historical Park is one the most important and ancient Angkoroian sites in Thailand. Its structure of Khmer empire.  Phimai is a small town in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand. Phimai is the administrative center of the Phimai district. Phimai had also been an important town at the time of the Khmer empire. The temple Prasat Hin Phimai, in the center of the town . It was one of the major Khmer templesin ancient Thailand.

The word Phimai appears in an inscription on a stone slab at the front doorway of the building as well as in many other structures. It is believed that the word Phimai referred to a religious figure or site. Phimai has been an important religious landmark for Animists, Buddhist and Hindus.

The Phimai’s structural shape is an attractive. The Phimai Sanctuary is rectangular shape. It is 565 meters and 1030 metres long. The architectural style is that of the Baphuon style that prospered at the time.

The most important structure in Phimal Sanctuary, there are The Naga Bridge, The Gopura, The Main Prang.

The Naga Bridge is the first part if the site. Here has lion figure. The bridge and the lion figures stand in front of the Gopura. Both Hindu and Buddhist beliefs that it concerning the universe.

The Gopura has a large corridor connecting the outer and inner areas of the main sanctuary.

The main Pagoda is on an open area in a curved walkway. It is the center of the site and it was made red sandstone. The main Pagoda is 28 meters high .

The site is now protected as the Phimai Historical Park. Here is a Banyan trees name is as Sai Ngam over an area of about 35000 square feet and more than 350 years old. The aerial roots of the Banyan tree have grown down into the soil to prop up the plant  and those roots have turned into hard, woody stems that look like tree trunks.

A lot of tourist come during the weeked and there are food vendors, selling local foods and drink. Its mystique was deepened when Queen Saovabha paid a visit in 1911. The whole area floods with ankie, to waist deep water in the rainy season, but no problem some mesmerising photographs are waiting to be taken. This site is one of the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.

Tourist can 6 ways to get from Bangkok to Phimai Historical Park. The cheapest way is train.

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