Vermicelli Recipe from Bangladesh cuisine


1. Coconut Vermicelli


Coconut is like the amount
Some bay leaves
1-2 Cinnamon
Half cup sugar
Vermicelli 200 grams


Break the vermicelli by hand.

Heat oil in a pan but if you used ghee it is better. Once fry the vermicelli take it on a plate. Now again add oil to the pan and add coconut, a few cardamom, some bay leaves, a few pieces of cinnamon, and a half cup of sugar and cook well. Do not forget to give half a cup of water. The water will dry up in such a condition. Do not lying down on the pan. Now give the fried vermicelli. Keep fry well. If needed then can give it a little water and it will be soft. Mix well. Now serve.

2. Vermicelli Malai Kheer


Milk-half liter

Sugar as needed
Malai-half cup
Almond and raisins
Chestnut-half cup
Vermicelli-a cup
Ghee-2 tablespoons
Saffron- little


First, take the nuts out of the peas and chooped them.

Heat the milk and makes it half .
Heat ghee in the pan. Then fry cinnamon,cardamom. Now give the nuts, raisins and vermicelli.

Then  fry lightly. When you get flavour give it a lot of milk. Stirring and cook. When vermicelli will be boiled then milk be thick. Then add malai. Then add saffron. Mix well and then remove from heat.

3. Milk Vermicelli


Vermicelli 200 grams

Sugar Half Cup
3 Cardamom
3  Cinnamon

1-2 Bay leaf
Milk 1 litter


Take 1 litter of milk and cook well. Makes it thick and then add half cup sugar, cardamom, cinnamon and bay leaf.
Take vermicelli and fry with ghee. When it will be crispy then add thick milk. Now serve in hot.

4. Vermicelli Jordan


Vermicelli -1 packet

Sugar-2 cup
Coconut chopped -1 cup
Raisins-2 tablespoon
Ground Nuts (Fry) -3 table spoons
3 Cinnamon
2 Bay leaf
Ghee-4 tablespoons
Water-2 cup
Salt to taste


First heat the ghee in a pan. Now add half of the vermicelli and fry for 10-15 minutes. Now keep stirring it with the coconut chopped. After a while, keep stirring with the water. When it will be dried then add nuts, raisins, bay leaf, cinnamon and keep it in the heat for 10 minutes.

Serve it.

5. Resmi Vermicelli



Vermicelli 2 cups
Sugar 2 cups

Saffron colour a pinch
Ghee half cup
4 Cardamom

4 Cinnamon
Powder milk half cup
Pineapple half cup
1 cup of pistachios and Chestnut
Salt to taste


Raisins, chestnut and pistachio nuts must be roasted with little ghee. Vermicelli fried semi brown and cool it. Keep it vapour  with hot water and then keep for water fall. Pineapple juice must be measured by half a cup of pineapple chopped. Now add vermicelli, sugar, pineapple , cardamom, cinnamon powder, salt and saffron color. Then have to mix together. Now keep the stove on low medium flame. After the half an hour, open the door and stirring it.

Second Phase Ingredients:

Saffron a pinch
2 Egg
Powder milk half cup
Sugar for the egg is a quarter cup
1 cup of water (for egg)
Ghee quarter cup (for egg)


Blend together all the ingredients in the next ghee and put them in the stove. To stir frequently. At one time it will become neat like a chana. It will be well mixed with the vermicelli. The remaining ghee and nuts should be added. Cook for 5 minutes and then remove from heat. Serve it.

Recipe: Collected

6. Vermicelli Katlet


1 cup boiled potatoes (blended)
Boiled vermicelli 1/2 cup
1 tablespoon flour
1/2  teaspoon of salt
Half a teaspoon of chili powder
1 Teaspoon of cumin powder
Oil as needed
Some vermicelli for garnishing


First, vermicelli fried on oil. Take boiled hot water and boiled the vermicelli for 3-4 minutes. Then keep for water fall. Now add boiled potatoes, vermicelli, salt, flour, cumin powder and chili powder and mix well. Now makes shape as your choice and fry on deep oil.

Then some vermicelli add for garnishing.

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