Vegetables: Lentils

 Lentils is the most nutritious vegetables


Lentils is one of the most favorite food in the world. It is  legume seeds of a plant. Its botanical name is Lens culinaris. Lentils are believed to have originated in Central Asia but now it worldwide. It is classified according to whether they are large or small in size. It has green or brown,black,yellow, red and orange color. This vegetables are round ,oval or heart shaped disks are small in size.


Types of Lentils

It’s have various types. According to Wikipedia

★ Beluga, black,bead like shape, named for resemblance to Beluga Caviar

★ Brown/Spanish pardina

★ French green  (Lens esculents puyensis)

★ Dark/Light green

★ Indiahead

★ Yellow/tan lentils (red inside)

★ Red chief (decorticated yellow lentils)

★ Eaton green (small green)

★ Richlea(medium green)

★ Laird ( large green)

★ Mascot (brown skinned lentils which are orange inside)

★ Big Mexican yellow lentils

Nutritional Value 

According to the World Healthiest Food, it’s have wonderful flavour from other foods and seasonings are high in nutritional value. Its an excellent source of molybdenum and folate. On the other hand it is a good source of dietary fiber, copper,phosphorus, manganese, iron,protein, vitamin B1,vitamin B6,zinc, potassium and pantothemic acid.

There are following nutrients in 100g dry red lentils.

Calories 32o

Fat 1g

Saturated 0.3g

Polyinsatures 0.5g

Omega-5    0.4g

Omega-3    0.1g

Monounsaturated  0.2g

Cholesterol 0mg

Sodium 5 mg

Potassium 1010 mg

Carbohydrates 60 g

Fiber 18 g

Soluble fiber  4 g

Insoluble fiber  14 g

Sugar 1 g

Protein 27 g

Vitamin A 0%

Vitamin C  10%

Calcium 2%

Iron 45%

Folate 50%

Phosphorus 35%

Magnesium 35%

Zinc 35%

Health Benefits 

It is  one of the best all-natural mast substitute food. There are following benefits :

(1) It is a good source of filling fiber. It helps improve heart, digestive and immune function by carrying waste,excess fat and toxins out of the body. Mediterranean diet,regularly eat this vegetables.

(2) It is one of the best source of soluble fiber , which makes a man very beneficial for lowering cholesterol and preventing heart disease. Researchers have found , its prevent hypertension.

(3) It is  one of the most alkaline protein sources, which is important for balancing the body’s pH level and it promote a healthy gut environment. It also helps prevent constipation, IBS, inflammatory bowel diseases, diarrhea. Also help promote healthy bacterial growth.

(4) Research indicates that the high level of soluble fiber found in lentils traps glucose from carbohydrates and slows down digestion.

(5) It are considered one of the best source of plant based high protein foods.

Used in Beauty Care

Its paste mix with honey and yogurt, massage your body, after 15-20 minutes well washed and you feel fresh.

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