Sri Lankan Desserts

Desserts collection from Sri Lankan cuisine

Sri Lanka is well known in South Asia for its desserts. Desserts are usually served as part of main meals in here. Here is some desserts recipe of  Sri Lankan cuisine.

1. Watalappam

Watalappam is one of the most popular desserts in Sri Lankan Muslims. Commonly served at weddings, parties and other special ceremonies.


20 eggs

5 cups of coconut milk

2 lb jaggery ( or molasses)

Cinnamon a pinch

Nutmeg as needed

Salt to taste

Cardamom 1 teaspoon


Beat the eggs well. Fret the jaggery and mix with the egg batter.

Add other ingredients and mix well.

Decant the meld into a greased bowl. Now cover with oil papand steam for 1 and 1/4 hours.

Let it cool before serving.

Some shredded cashews for decoration.

Reference: Sri Lankan cuisine

★ Jaggery  is a concentrated product of date, cane juice or palm sap without separation of the molasses and crystals.

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