South Indian Desserts

South Indian Deserts Collection from Indian Cuisine

1. Rava Kesari



Semolina 300 gm

Ghee 150 gm

Sugar 500 gm

Milk 800 ml

7-8 Green cardamom

Nut paste 2 tabspoon

Nut chopped 3-4 teaspoon

Raisins 30 gm


At first 3/4 parts of ghee heat in a pan and fried semolina until golden. Than add hot milk. When it will be bloom then add sugar,nut paste, a pinch of saffron and cardamom and mix well.

Now add remaining ghee in an another pan and hot it. Add fry nut chopped and raisins . After that add on pan 1. When it will be well dried and soft then remove from heat. Keep it in a serving dish and makes shape (your choice).

Recipe & Picture: Collected

2. Gothumbo Payesh

Basically it’s a recipe of Kerala state.


250 gms Broken Wheat

500 gms jaggery

3 tbsp ghee

10 gms raisins

10 gms Cashew nuts

2 Coconuts grated

5 gms Cardamom powder

10 gms dry ginger powder

10 gms cumin powder


2 Coconuts gratllass warm water to the grated coconut and extract the first coconut milk by filtering the mixture of coconut and water. You can use this process for second & third milk. Now saute broken wheat lightly in one teaspoon ghee.

Then cook the brown wheat in 1 and 1/2 liters of water.

Add the third milk and the second milk to the wheat and bring to a boil.

Then add the mixture thicken to a semi solid consistency and  then add powdered jaggery. Finally add the first milk and simmer it for a while.

Finally add fried nuts, raisins,  Powder of cardamom, ginger and cumin . Then cook well and remove from heat.

Recipe & PC : Google

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