Semolina roshmonjuri pitha

Semolina roshmonjuri  pitha collection from Bengali cuisine

Semolina roshmonjuri  pitha is one of the most delicious pitha in  Bangladesh. Locally known it’s pitha  but its english word is cake.

Pithas are typically made of rice flour, although there are some types of pitha made of wheat flour. Less common types of pitha are made of palm. But here use semolina. It’s very uncommon.

Sweet pithas typically contain sugar, jaggery, date juice, or palm syrup, and can be filled with grated coconut, cashews, pistachios, sweetened vegetables, or fruits. Sweet pithas are also often flavored using cardamom or camphor.

Depending on the type of pitha being prepared, pithas can be fried in oil or ghee, slow-roasted over a fire, steamed, or baked and rolled over a hot plate.

Pithas are often eaten during breakfast and as a snack with (often with tea), although there are many sweet varieties that are reserved for desserts or holidays.

Here’s the recipe of Semolina roshmonjuri pitha.

Semolina roshmonjuri pitha
Semolina roshmonjuri pitha

Semolina 1 cup
Milk (liquid)  2 cups
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Flour 1 teaspoon
1 Egg
Ghee 1 teaspoon


  • First take  milk and heat it on stove.
  • Then wait until it blooms and this process just for  one time.
  • Now add semolina and sugar.
  • Then stirring until it’s makes dough.
  • Now it  reduce from heat and mix with flour.
  • Mix well and then take it down from the oven.
  • Now it keep for cold.
  • Now add ghee and egg and well blend with the dough.
  • Then make various shapes with your own choice.

Preparation of Sugar syrup

1 cup of sugar
2 cups of water
3/4 of cardamom
can be heated simultaneously to make sugar syrup.

The sugar syrup should be very dense and it will be covered with a lid when it removed from the stove.

Now it fry on medium flame and then have to put in the sugar syrup.

Keep for 1 hour and after that it will be prepared.
Now it serve.

Recipe by: Mojar Vhojon





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