Notable Person : Sheikh Mojibur Rahman

Sheikh Mojibur Rahman known as Father of the Nation of Bangalis. He is popularly known as the Bangabandhu Bangabandhu means friend of Bengal.  He is credited as the central figure in Bangladesh’s liberation movement. He was born in 17 March 1920. His birthplace is Tungipara at Gopalgonj district in Bangladesh. He is one of the best leader who became popular for his opposition to the ethnic and institutional discrimination of Bengali’s in Pakistan , who compromised the majority of the states population. At the heightening of sectional tension he outlined 6 point autonomy plan and he was jailed by the regime of Field Marshal Ayub Khan .When Sheikh Mojibur Rahman led the Awami League then Awami League  to win the first Democratic election in 1970. Despite gaining the majority but  Awami League was not invited by the ruling military junta . As a result he announced the Bangladeshi struggle for independence during a landmark speech on 7 march 1971. It was the largest landmark speech in whole world.. On 25 March 1971 the Pakistan army responded to the mass protests with Operation Searchlight. At that time Sheikh Mojibur Rahman was arrested by Pakistan military and  flown to solitary confinement in West Pakistan. After Bangladesh Liberation War ,he was released from Pakistan custody and returned to Dhaka in January 1972. Then  Sheikh Mojibur Rahman became Prime Minister of Bangladesh under a parliamentary system adopted by the Independent Bangladesh.

In 15 August 1975 he and most of his family were assassinated by renegade army officers.

In 2004 BBC Bengali opinion poll , Sheikh Mojibur Rahman was voted as the “Greatest Bengali” of all time.

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