Mango Kashmiri Chutney recipe

Mango Kashmiri Chutney (Achar) recipe  

Mango Kashmiri Chutney recipe on Kashmiri style. Basically it’s makes from Green Mango.

We collect Green Mango in April to May when it is raw.

Chutney is most attractive dish in Indian Subcontinent. We makes it some different way.

Mango Kashmiri Chutney is a popular pickled or chutney in Indian subcontinent. Here’s mango will be sweet and sour. The recipe originated in Kashmir, but is widely made in the Bengali.

Mango Kashmiri Chutney is so much yummy because you will find all flavor or taste such as sweet, sour.

Mango Kashmiri Chutney recipe
Mango Kashmiri Chutney



Courtesy: Rimi Rahman

Pic courtesy: Recipe Tips

Green Mango 10-12
Sugar as needed
Vinegar 2 Cup
Ginger chopped 1 tablespoon Dry chili (finely chopped) 1 teaspoon


First the mango peel off and cut into slices.
The mango slices should be squeezed into calcium carbonate water or
Then keep for falling water.

Take a pan and give mango slices,sugar and vinegar.
When the sugar completely melt then add ginger chopped.

After that when the mangoes color will be golden then add dry red chili without seeds.

When this process completely dry then it will be automatically golden.

Note: Mango Kashmiri Chutney is very much suitable with Khichuri , polao.


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