Japanese rice dishes

Japanese Dishes recipe :  Part-2

Although rice is one of the staple food of Japan but  noodles is also staple. Here is some Japanese dishes collection from Japanese cuisine.

1. Furikake

It meant to be top of cooked rice, vegetables and fish. It typically consists of a mixture off dried fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt.

2. Onigiri

Onigiri also known as O-musubi. It is a rice ball, one of the Japanese food made from white rice formed into triangular or cylindrical shapes and often wrapped.


Rice 160 gm

Onigiri seasoning 1 package ( found in Japanese super shop)

Furikake for rice seasoning or filling as your choice


Step 1

First cook the rice and toss it lightly. Now add onigiri seasoning and mix well. Now wet your hands in water and rice makes a triangle shape. Then step 1 is complete.

Step 2

Here is taken bonito flavored Furikake (found in Japanese super shop). Sprinkle over the rice and mix well. This Furikake becomes a strong flavoured. Now makes again triangle shape with your hands.

Step 3

Take rice in a bowl. Then wet your hands with water because that the rice won’t stick.

Rice takes your hand and make a hole in the center of the rice and place the filling. Then makes it triangle shape.

Reference: Wikipedia & Japanese cuisine


3. Curry rice

Curry rice is now one of the most popular dishes in Japan. They used various types of vegetables, beef,chicken, pork etc.


4. Chahan Fried rice

Now a days Chahan is a one of the staple food in Japan. Here rice is used as a primary ingredients and myriad additional ingredients can be used such as vegetables, onion, garlic, edible mushrooms such as shiitake, tofu,pork,pork belly,seafoods.


5. Hayashi rice

Hashed beef rice or Hayashi rice is a popular dish in Japan. It usually contains beef,onions and button mushrooms, in a thick demi glace sauce which often contains red wine and tomato sauce.

6. Sekihan

Sekihan is another traditional dish in Japan. The rice boiled with red beans.


7. Takikomi gohan 

Takikomi gohan is another rice dishes seasoned  with dashi and soya sauce along with mushrooms, vegetables, meat or fish. 


Reference: Wikipedia & Japanese cuisine

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