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Jaflong is the daughter of nature and  an amazing place of stone collection

Jaflong is the daughter of nature and  an amazing place of stone collection and also a hill station and popular tourist destination in Bangladesh. It also a scenic spot nearby Amidst tea gardens.

It  located in Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet District and it is  the border between Bangladesh and the Indian state of Meghalaya.


 Also  on the bank of Mari river coming from the Himalayas. The tourist spot is filled with mountains and rainfalls. The hills of various sizes and waterfalls have made the place fascinating for the visitors. It is famous for stone collection.

Historically known, thousand years ago it was a forest since Khasia & Jainta Kingdom. After the abolition of the Zamindari (Land Lord) tradition in 1954, Khasia & Jainta Kingdom has been end his Kings rules. Yet many years of Jaflong’s vast areas were lying down. As a result businessmen started coming to Jaflong on the way to search for stones. Being a stone business, growing up, new settlements also grow.

In the 1980s, 55 kilometers of Jaflong road connectivity was established with Sylhet. From then on it’s beauty and beauty spread all over the country.

 Attraction of Jaflong:


It is the daughter of nature. On the banks of the Piyain river, the rock-stacked has spread Japlong. Indiain hill, tila over the border, continuous flow of water from the Dauki hills, Hanging Dauki Bridge, the Piyain river’s transparent cold water, high mountain and the silence of the area has impressed the tourists with great pleasure.

Every day, domestic and foreign tourists have come here to see these scenarios. It also called the Queen of Beauty.

Stone of Jaflong

The beauty of the winter and monsoon season in it is very different in the form of beauty. In the rainy season, the beauty of it is reflected in different levels. Clouds like the cotton of the Khasia hills, is roaming like a cotton and when the rain falls into the rainstorm, the walk is inconvenient. Also it should be a different shiver. As well as several thousand feet of sheds flowing down, the scenes of the fountain added to anybody’s eye.


Way to go:

Many buses from Dhaka to Sylhet leaves from Gabtali and Sayedabad bus terminals.Also the buses depart from Fakirapul, Sayedabad and Mohakhali bus stations in Sylhet. In this way, the AC buses are operated by Green Line Transport, Saudia, S Alam Transport, Shyamoli Transport and ENA Paribahan. Rent is from 8th to 1 thousand taka. Besides, Shyamoli Transport, Hanif Enterprise, Unique Service, Non-AC bus passage to ENA Paribahan went to Sylhet. Rent is from 4 hundred to 4,500 taka.

Where to stay:

1. Rest House of the District Council, Upazila Head Quarter.

2.Naljuri Resort House ,

3. Green Park Street House,


There are several restaurants for tourists at here.

1.Photo Restaurant, Jaflong, Tamabil Zero point

2. Picnic Center Restaurant, Jaflong Ballalghat.

3. Junk food restaurant, Jaflong Bollaghat.



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