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More than 15+ Home Made Juice Recipe

Juice recipe is the most easiest recipe in the world. Also home made juice is more pure than you get market. You can makes juice just simple way.

No attraction to juice,don’t find anyone. Juice is one of the most important food for everyone , Specially it has a lot of demand in summer season and Ifter , when start Ramadan, holy occasion of Muslim Ummah.

Juice is most important for your refreshing mind. Various types of juice have various types of nutrition.

Juice recipe is the most easiest recipe in any kitchen.

Here is some kinds of juice recipe collection from Bengali cuisine. 

You can follow this juice recipe collection.

1.Green Mango Juice


Green Mango 250 gm

Sugar 500 gm

Water 1/2 litre

Citric acid 4 gm

Salt to taste

Cumin powder 5-6 gm


Juice recipe
Green mango juice PC: facebook

At first take green mango slice. Now it mix with a little water and boiled it. Then mix cumin powder and bell pepper powder and boiled again for 10 minutes. After that  take the water and mix extra water. Now mix salt,sugar,citric acid for sometime. Then boiled mango mix with it , when it will be cold then you can serve it.

Enjoy the green mango juice recipe.

2.Pineapple Juice


1 Pineapple

Testing salt 1/4 teaspoon

Sugar 2 teaspoon

Bell pepper powder 1 teaspoon

Water as needed


First the pineapple cut will be slice. Then take testing salt,sugar and bell pepper and mix with water and finely blend in a blender. Now it will be ready.

3.Water Melon Juice


1 Water melon

Sugar 2-4 tabspoon

Testing salt 1/2 teaspoon

Lemon juice 2 teaspoon

Cream 1/2 cup


Firstly take red part of a water melon and cut it in small size. Now mix all ingredients without cream and take it refrigerator. After 10 minutes, mix cream. Now blend and it will be ready.

Juice recipe
Water melon juice

4.Lemon Juice


2 Lemon

Sugar and testing salt as taste

Water as needed

Ice 3-4 pieces


All ingredients mix with lemon juice and well blend and take sometime for refrigeration. Now mix ice for its garnishing.

Juice recipe
Lemon juice

5.Cucumber Juice


Cucumber 250 gm

Coriander leaves chopped 1 teaspoon

Testing salt 1/6 teaspoon

Water as needed

Ice 3-4 pieces


All ingredients mix and finely blend in a blender. Mix ice for its garnishing.

Juice recipe
Cucumber juice

6.Spicy Pineapple Juice


Pineapple juice 250 ml

Green chili 1 piece

Testing salt ta taste

Salt to taste


All ingredients mix and finely blend in a blender. You can use ice for its garnishing.

Juice recipe
Spicy pineapple juice PC: facebook

Enjoy the spicy pineapple juice recipe.


7.Pomegranate with apple juice


1 Apple

1 cup pomegranate

Sugar 1/2 teaspoon



All ingredients mix and finely blend in a blender. Then mix ice for its garnishing.

Juice recipe
Pomegranate juice PC: facebook

8.Mix juice


1 cup Orange juice

Apple wider vinegar 2 tabspoon

1 teaspoon honey


All ingredients mix and finely blend.

Juice recipe
Mix juice PC: facebook

9.Lemon with pineapple juice


1 Lemon

4 pieces pineapple



All ingredients mix and blend in a blender. Then mix ice for its garnishing.

Juice recipe
Lemon with pineapple juice


Juice is most important food of our health. Feel freshness, remove lake of water, everything is possible.

Picture courtesy : Facebook

10. Lemon- Ginger Juice

Juice recipe
Lemon with ginger juice PC: Doctors Advice


1 teaspoon of juice,
Lemon juice 1 tablespoon,
Sugar two tablespoons,
1 glass of cold water.


Blend with ginger and lemon juice and sugar mixed with water.
Then drink the freezing of the fries and refrigerate for drinking.

11. Melon Juice

Juice recipe
Melon juice PC: facebook

Materials :

Melons 1 cup
White curd half cup
Sugar 4 tablespoons
Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
Ice cream
Cool ice glass 1 glass


The melons should be washed and cut into small pieces.
After that blender should be well blended with the  blender.
When the melons and water mix well, then blended it with curd, sugar and lemon juice.Then poured into the glass and serve them with a fine paste.

Courtesy: Siddika Kabir

12. Strawberry’s Juice

Juice recipe
Strawberry juice


Pomegranate juice half cup
Orange lemon juice 2 tablespoons
Strawberry 3
Pineapple Pieces 2
The amount of water
Bit salt slightly
Mint leaves 2
Little sugar


Strawberry first slice.
Then mix all the ingredients together and blend together.

PC: Bangla mag

13. Mint Leaves Juice

Juice recipe
Mint leaves juice


3 cup mint leaves
18-20 teaspoon sugar
1 cup of water
1 teaspoon bit salt
2  teaspoon cumin powder
5-6 teaspoon lemon juice.


Wash the mint leaves well several times in the water.
Make sure to paste all the ingredients with Blender.
Smash the mixer.
Add 3/4 quantity of water to 1/4 the amount of mixer.
Serve with ice cubes.

PC: Turin Afroj

14. Tamarind Juice

Juice recipe
Tamarind juice. PC: facebook


Tamarind 200 grams
Bit salt 2 teaspoon
Sugar 4 cups
Coriander leaves 2 teaspoon of curry leaves
2 green chili
Dry peppercorn 1 teaspoon
15-16 cups of cold water
Some pieces of ice cubes
Salt to taste


Separate the seeds from tamarind first and then tweezle the bowl in a bowl.
Mix cold water with grated tamarind.
Now add sugar, bit salt, dried peppercorn, chilli chili, coriander leaves and a little salt to the tamarind.
Blend the blends now in the blender.
Those who do not have blender, mix them well and keep them for 10 minutes.
Sprinkle the mixture with a filter in another container.
The diamond became delicious tamarind juice and serve it on the table.

Recipe: Collected

15. Carambola Juice

PC: facebook


Carambola 4 to 5
Chopped 1
Sugar and salt quantity
Basil leaves
Ice cube


Carambola cut off the 

After that, stirring of semolina and chapatrice will be sufficient amount of salt and sugar to be kept in the refrigerator.
If you are cold, it will be great to mix the mint leaves.

16. Ripe-Mango-Yogurt Juice


Ripe 1 mango cube cut
Sugar quantity
Almond chopped 1 teaspoon
Sweet curd 2 cups
2 cups of liquid milk and
Ice cube half cup


Blend all ingredients together and serve ice cube.

PC: Farzana’s Kitchen

Recipe: Collected

17. Marmelos Juice

PC: facebook


Medium size 1 marmelos
Sugar to taste
Ice cube


First wash the marmelos with clean water. Then break the marmelos and throw the beans from the inside and remove the fiber with water.
Then mix it with plenty of sugar and ice cubes.

18. Cumin-Tamarind Juice

Fry cumin Powder 1 teaspoon

3 tablespoons sugar

1 cup of water

4 teaspoons of tamarind juice

4 teaspoons of lemon juice

Minimum use of mint leaves

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

6-7 teaspoon of sugar

Salt to taste


Swallow molasses and sugar in water. Combine tamarind juice, lemon juice, turmeric powder and salt in molasses. Then stir and mix well with cumin  powder. Now keep the refrigerated fridge for a few minutes with a mixture of mint leaves. Before serving, pour out the fridge from the refrigerator and serve ice cube.

So now enjoy the home made juice recipe.


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