Coffee recipe

Coffee recipe of 4 style & makes on this different style

Coffee recipe on 4 different style.

Almost everyone likes coffee.

1. Cold Coffee

Coffee recipe
Cold coffee PC: facebook


Cold milk – 2 cups
Water -1 / 2 cups
Instant Coffee Powder – 3 teaspoons
Sugar-2 table spoon
Cream-2 table spoons
Ice cream

How to make

Take one spoon of water and mix coffee powder and sugar. Boil the rest of the water and mix it with boiled coffee in boiling water and cool down. Blend coffee and cold milk in blender properly.

Blend 1 tablespoon cream and ice cream, and once again blend them in a  glass and pour it on the remaining cream and a pinch of powder with sugar and serve it cold. But if you do not have any cream, then blend in a glass of blends for a while.

2. Cappuccino Coffee

Coffee recipe
Cappuccino coffee PC: facebook


Full cream liquid milk

Take coffee and sugar in a cup or mug, then take 1.5 (half) spoon water of tea and keep stirring it. Keep in mind not to give more water. After stirring the milk when it becomes like white cream mixed with sugar, mix the milk in separate containers. Now make a bit of milk with electric bitter or hand bitter until the foam is well-formed. Then pour the hot milk from the top of the mug slowly. Seeing the coffee beans are being prepared. Then tear it well with spoon. To enhance beauty can spread on top of refined coffees or chocolate powders.

3. Coffee Cardamom

Coffee recipe
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Coffee Bin
1 hour for each cup of small cardamom

How to make

Spice up coffee in espresso coffee machine. Then add the cardamom powder and salt. Make espresso coffee with milk. Take sugar as needed.

4. Cold Coffee with Ice Cream

Coffee recipe
Cold coffee with ice cream PC :facebook


Whole milk – 2 cups (500 ml)
Bru Gold Instant Coffee – 4 tsp
Powdered sugar – 7 tbsp or to taste
Vanilla ice cream – 2 scoops
Amul chocolate syrup for decoration (Or any other good brand)
Grated Dairy Milk chocolate for the garnish (Or any other good quality chocolate)


Combine powdered sugar and Bru Gold instant coffee in the blender.

Add milk to it.

Pulse it for 5-6 seconds (or a bit longer depending on your blender) so that everything is well-combined. Do not blend for longer. Otherwise, the fat from the milk will separate and the coffee will become watery.

Decorate the sides of the tall cold coffee glasses with some chocolate syrup. Do not use a lot of it.

Gently pour in the coffee into the glasses.

Top the cold coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Grate some chocolate over it.

Cold coffee recipe with ice cream is ready. Serve immediately.


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