Biskee food

Biskee : Local famous foods of Barisal in Bangladesh

Bangaladesh has a lots of local foods collection. Biskee is one of them.  It’s a popular dish of Barisal district of Bangladesh. Locally it’s very popular.

Biskee makes from rice. It’s likes a type of desserts because here used molasses and coconut.

Here’s this recipe.


Biskee foods


Boiled rice 2 cups
Salt a little amount
Water 5 cups
Sugarcane molasses one and a half cups or preferably
Coconut grind 2 cup
Coconut slices ½ cup
Salt water (a little amount) 2 or 3 teaspoons
1-2 Bay leaf


  •  Salt water mix with rice and fry it.
  • Add water, molasses, coconut grind, salt, coconut slices, bay leaf, and rice will be cooked until  frying and dry.  If you add more water ,don’t worry. Here the rice becomes double, do not break the rice because it fried.
  • Now remove from heat.
  • Add coconut slices for decoration.
  • Now serve it.
  • It is so much delicious in hot but not cold.

Recipe courtesy:  Sabira rose kitchen


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