Barfi Recipe from Bengali cuisine

Barfi is most delicious sweets in Indian subcontinent.  It’s main ingredients are condensed milk and sugar.

Now Bengali cuisine makes Colourful Barfi in her own style. Here’s some recipe of Barfi from Bengali cuisine.

1. Milk Barfi


Powder Milk     2 cups
Sugar       1 cup
Water    1 and 1/4 cups
Almond powder  (semi-broken)
Rose water    1 teaspoon
Ghee    1 teaspoon
Cardamom powder   1/2 teaspoon
Nuts for garnishing


Mix milk, almond powder, cardamom and ghee in a bowl.

Make a standerd thick syrup with sugar and water mix from cooking.
Gives rosewater.  This recipe will be perfect when sugar syrup will be exactly the thick. Remember it don’t be heavy thick or thin.
Because it will become harder when it is too thick, and it will become more soft when thin.
But it will be quite dense.

Stir the stove and keep the milk powder in a little bit while the syrup are hot. It may not take full milk. The mixture is not too thin or perfectly strong.
It will be like paste, so that the pots are easily poured. Pouring it in a  container, leaving it with set of nuts for 1 hour. For better refrigeration for 1 hour.
Now cut the delicious milk Barfi.

Courtesy: রান্না বান্না & recipes

2.Coconut  & Molasses Barfi


Coconut (grated)   2 cups
Molasses               3/4 cups ( Or  your favorite)
Whipping cream     1/2 cups
Ghee                           1tabpoon
Cardamom powder     1/4 teaspoon
* You can take any design of your own choice.

Heat ghee in a pan and garnish with coconut grated and molasses for a while, mix well with whipping cream and stirring constantly. Keep in mind that it will not go down.

Now mix it with cardamom powder and mix well. Now dry it and remove from the pan and makes it  a little cold and make the Barfi.

Recipe by Ilora Awal

PC: Ilora Awal




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