Bangladeshi Dessert

Recipe of Bangladeshi Dessert 


1. Payesh

Bangladeshi dessert

Materials :

Milk – 1 litter
Almond rice – 50 gm
Sugar – like the need
3-4 Cardamom
Amand nut – like the need
Mawa 1/2 cup


First put the milk on the stove. Then wash the rice (chinagura / kalijira etc.)  and remove the water. If the milk starts boiling, add the rice. Now you have to stir with a spoon after a while so that the milk under the pot does not burn. When the rice is boiled, give it sugar and cardamom. Stir that  until the milk becomes thick. If the milk becomes thick, give it to the mawa. Now remove from heat. Then decorate with kismis and amand nuts. Serve if cold.

2. Doi Bondia

Bangladeshi dessert
Doi Bondia PC: Liza Farhana

Materials :

Pea- flour 2 cups
Fried Cumin powder 1 tablespoon
Dry chilli chopped powder half spoon
Sour yogurt 2 cups
Bell Pepper powder half teaspoon
Bit salt half tea spoon
Salt to taste
Sugar 1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon of mustard powder


Take  cumin and pepper. Mix 3 cups of water and salt in a bowl. Make a heavy liquid dough with bason water. Broken very well. Heat the oil in a pan and put the bundia dice on this pan. Fri it until brown and then keep for some time in salt water .Then remove from water. Bundia can be found available in the market. But it will not be washed.

Now all the ingredients should be mixed together. Curd beat with little water and masala powder of half of spoon, salt and sugar. Sprinkle ingredients should be served in a mixing bowl with bundia.

3. Milk powder Payesh

Bangladeshi desert
Milk powder payesh

Materials :

Polao rice half cup (wet)
Milk one litter

Full cream milk powder 1/2 cup
Date molasses 100 g
Sugar – like the need
2 Bay leaf
Two pieces of cinnamon
Raisins 1 tablespoon
1 table-spoon of  almond chopped
Salt to taste
Water as needed


First put the  milk on the stove. Take washed rice. If the milk starts boiling, add that rice. Now you have to stir with a spoon after a while so that the milk under the pot does not burn.

Strain the molasses with a cup of water. When the rice is boiled, give it to sugar, molasses, cinnamon, bay leaf, salt and cardamom. Pour a little until the milk becomes thick. When the milk becomes thick, give it to the milk. Then remove from heat. Now decorate with raisins and nuts. Serve it.

4. Shahi Zarda

Bangladeshi dessert
Shahi Zarda

Materials :

1 cup of Polao /kalijira rice
Ghee 1/4 cup
1 cup of sugar
Lemon juice 1 teaspoon or orange juice 1/4 cup
2 cinnamon
2 cardamom
1 Clove

Orange Food color as needed
Nut / Mini golapjam sweets for decoration


Drain the rice for 1 hour after water and keep the water from the rice.

Take enough water in the pot to heat it on the stove by mixing it with food color. When the water starts boiling, stir well with rice.

When the rice is fully boiled, keep pouring water and keep all the water away.

Now heat ghee a pan. If the ghee is hot, then add hot spices masala. Cook on medium flame. Now give the cooked rice. Then put sugar in it. Carefully stirring the hands with lemon juice or orange juice.

After a while, the sugar is melting out. Place the oven up to medium until the sugar is dry.

When the water of the sugar is dry, take the rice carefully into a spreading plate.

Finally decorate with mini golapjam sweets  and nuts.

Now serve Shahi Jarda.


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