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Rangamati: Amazing creation of Nature

Rangamati is a district in south-eastern Bangladesh. Area wise it is the largest district of the country. Here is 52% tribal and 48% non-tribal people. The total population is divided into Bangalees and eleven tribes including Chakma,Marma,Tanchangya,Tripura,Pankua,Lusai,Khyang,Murang,Rakhain,Chao,Brown,Khumi.

Rangamati is an amazing creation of nature. Tourist come here for deeply feel its beauty. Here is most attractive place is Sajek Valley, Kaptai lake, Hanging bridge, Jurachharhi waterfall, Kamalak fountain, Dhuppani fountain, Rikhong Lake,Pedal ting ting, Shuvalong fountain, Hazarcha fountain.

★ Sajek Valley: The hill of queen

Sajek valley is also known as Sajekera valley,located on the northernmost border with Mizoram in Rangamati district. Basically Sajek is a union and a name of river which separates Bangladesh from India.

Sajek Union is the biggest Union of Bangladesh.It is 702 square miles. The valley is 1800 ft high from sea level.Here is the main ethnic minorities on the valley are Chakma,Marma,Tripura,Pankua and Lusai. Most of the houses are made with bamboo here.Most attraction of Sajek valley are sunset, rain,morning, evening and night and aboriginal people.

This place is now most attractive for its natural beauty. There is an another place near Sajek,named Kanlak and it is famous for its orange orchard. Sajek Valley known as hill queen for its natural beauty.

The valley is in Rangamati but tourists can reach there from Khagrachhari(another hill district and store of beauty) too.The root is Khagrachhari- Dighinala bazar- Bagaihat bazar- Machalong Haat-then Sajek.

On the traveller need to take permission from the Army camp.But Bangladesh army is very helpful and cooperative.

★ Hanging Bridge

The main attraction of Rangamati city is Hanging Bridge.Actually it has strong attraction that a tourist returned it unseen. At the end of the city of Rangamati, 335 ft long bridge in Kaptai lake is one of the most attractive place for tourists.This bridge is called “The symbol of Rangamati “.This hanging bridge established in isolated hills in the heart of the relationship. The shaking created during the crossing bridge will bring you different light. You can see here the beautiful scenery of Kaptai lake. You have to be fascinated by the beauty of Kaptai lake.

The winter season is the best time to visit Rangamati in the hills and forest towns. During the rainy season, the bridge was submerged under water.

★ RongRang

When the top of the mountain did not RongRang,beauty of Rangamati will remain unfulfilled. The Karnaphuli river ,who had gone on the hollow of the hill,its position in Barkal and Jurachhari upazila.All the beauty around you will come in front of the eyes,if the colour can rise to the top.At first it may seen very easy to rise in the hill side.But the path of its rising is quite steep.

Here us the army camp at the top of the mountain and the top police. A tower called it TAN,the top of the mountain. For security reasons, the police members have to stay here.

★ Jurachharhi Mountain

Jurachharhi is another tourists attractive place in Rangamati of Bangladesh. The meaning of “Jur” is cold and the meaning of the “thakhi” is rhymes or springs.Basically it is an upazila of Rangamati. The name of this upazila has been named from Jurachharhi falls.Mizoram of India, Barkal on the north,Bilaichari on the south and Rangamati on the west before Jurachharhi upazila.

Here is the only communication system in this area is the waterway.Trees coming down from the hills on one side and on the other side silent water in Kaptai lake creates a snake of sleeping beauty.

Here is an army camp and police station to ensure tourists security.

★ Dumping Mountain

Dumlong is one of the highest mountain of Bangladesh. It is 3314 feet.Basically it is a Zirriba hill,which is a few kilometers north of the mountains, mixed in the Rakhan river.

★ Langdoo

The green nature and the blue water of the lake are all around.Boat rowing in the part of the lake.The small island and the farthest mountain ranges.

Main crops are Paddy, tobacco, watermelon, turmeric, ginger, jackfruit, mango,litchi etc.Here is a bill named is Kattli bill.

A lot of guest birds come here in winter.The bill has been chosen as a safe place for a number of years.This bill is full of tiny rarali,tiki duck,big sarali,head fat TT and many other species of birds.

★ Kamalak fountain

It is one of the most beautiful fountain in Bangladesh. Kamalak fountain is known to many as Paddam ekaa jhorna or Sikam Elsa jhorna.

There is a huge cross roads.The corridor is also amazing, hopefully the adventure will look good.The road is very slippery,during the rainy season. So keep in  mind that during the running. Jhiripath and wild on the road 80-85 degrees step hill to climb to get up and down a lot.This way,after a few more treks,you will reach the fountain.

In a rain,the mountains ziris are filled with water and there are many streams.

Must take the guide for travelling this place. Do not know if you’re alone for the first time and do not grip some local people here.They will take fee for alcohol consumption. But to take them away is risky.

★ Dhuppani Fountain

Dhuppani fountain located at Bilaichari in Rangamati. Many people called it Dubnya jhorna.Befor it was in sight of people,in 2000, a Buddhist meditator Monk started meditating under the deep of fountain in deep forests. At first he meditated about three months in this place. After knowing the local people, if the Buddhist meditator Monks were to serve the time or occasion of the day,then this fountain became know to the public.

Dhup is a Tanchagya word,it means white money. Basically the water of this fountain is transparent and when its water flows from a very high. It is only seen to be clean.The sound of this fountain is heard from the distance of about 2 kilometers away.In this rainy season it is proved more favorable.

A saint on this fountain meditates in his ashram.Locally called it “Bhante”, who dose not like screaming. He came down to eat on Sunday only after meditation for six days of the week. So on Sunday only people were allowed to go to fountain.

★ Rikhong Lake

Rikhong Lake, it is a deep natural lake.It is located in the Barotholi ward in the Farua Union of Bilaichari upazila in Rangamati. It is about 2500 ft high from the sea level and approximately 30 acres in the area.Tripura people live on this lake.

There are many fiction about this lake.The background minor ethnic groups here worship, their worship in the hope of fulfilling their desire.Although there are fiction about this lake ,geologist believe that, it was originally made about 2000 years ago by volcanic eruptions.The lake’s water is clean,depending on the sun’s light,weather and clouds,different types of time are present.

However, it can be said that occasionally, the water of the lake contains sudden red color.The natural beauty of this lake will fascinate someone who travels.At the end of the of the day,hard work, you can easily swim in lake water.

Tourists can easily swim because there is no aquatic plant in lake.Due to the many mountains around the lake and the mysterious behavior of the sky,lake water has many color. About half of the lake water is not used by people because people do not travel in that part of the lake.There is a helipad in Pukurpara .From this place you can see the beautiful lake in the bird’s eye.

★ Peda Ting Ting

Peda Ting Ting ,basically it is a Chakma phrase.It means tummy tension. It is situated on a mountain floating around Kaptai Lake, just 4-5 kilometers away from Rangamati city.Here is a Segun ( Shores robusta)  garden.You can find here a local food named,“Bengal Beech, Kochi Bamboo Roast,Kebang,Beagle seeds,young bamboo curry,kebam,kamcaki fries”.

Bamboo chicken: 

The chicken cooked in Bamboo containers that were served.

Beagle seeds:

Beagle fried beans that are smaller, lighter grains mato. It is essentially to eat fatty fish and raw milk bills.

Young Bamboo Curry:

It is an extraordinary item.It can be cooked with beans or other vegetables or fried. When you eat it,it will be the best experience in your life.


It is a method of cooking food.The bamboo is burnt or thrown with oil spices filled with pigs inside thee strong bamboo shell.

★ Shuvalong Waterfall

The Shuvalong waterfall in the rainy season with a height of about 300 ft and it is fascinated by tourists excursion. The clean water stream of the spring makes tremendous feel in the turned into a tourist destination due to beautiful waterfalls and the nearby market.

★ Hazarcha Fountain

It also known as Sukanachara fountain.The name given to the local mountain range of this fountain is Chit Jurani Thangzhang Jhorna.It is so beautiful and exception that no one will ever delay it.The mind will want to go downstairs. At the bottom of the fountain, bathing can be done to remove the tiredness.

★ Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake is a man made lake is South-eastern Bangladesh.The lake was created as a result of building the Kaptai dam on the Karnaphuli river, as part of the Karnaphuli Hydroelectric project. It’s average depth is 100ft and maximum depth is 490 ft.It made a beautiful scenario while forested mountains and highland climb from within the water.

★ Kaptai National Park

It is between the Karnaphuli river and Kaptai assortments. Its area is 5464.78 hectares. There are various wildlife such as deer, jungle cat,elephant, monkeys etc.Many species of birds may also be interest to tourists and bird lovers.Kaptai National Park is as safe and sanctuary for birds and other wildlife.

★ The Tomb of Bir Shrestha Munshi Abdur Rauf

Here is the tomb of Bir Shrestha Munshi Abdur Rauf,who dedicated his life to liberation war in 1971.

Traditional Dress

Rangamati has one of the most famous tribal textiles by the name of “Bain”.All cloths are hand made.

How to go?

You can go from Dhaka,the capital of Bangladesh, has a lot of transport. AC and Non AC Bus service are available.

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