Bangladesh: Comilla City

Comilla: Most oldest city in Bangladesh

Comilla is metropolitan city in eastern Bangladesh. It is the second largest city of eastern Bangladesh after Chittagong and one of the three oldest cities in Bangladesh.

This region was once under ancient Samatata. Its municipality established in 1890 and the city corporation in 2011. But this district was established as Tripura district in 1790 and it was renamed Comilla in 1960.

Here is many historical and ancient place.Such as Shalban Buddhist Vihara,Mainamati, Itkhola Mura, Amanda Vihara,Rupban Mura, Chandimura temple, Kutila Mura, Mainamati. Place,Mainamati museum, BARD, etc.

★ Shalban Buddhist Vihara

Shalbon Buddhubihar

Shalban Buddhist Vihara is one of the most ancient patterns of Bangladesh. It also one of the best known Buddhist Viharas and most ancient site in Lalmai,Mainamati, Comilla.

It was made by king Shri Bhavadeva , popularly known as Vobodev, at the end of the 8th Century.

It’s original name is Bhavadev Vihara. Today known as Shalban Vihara because here is main tress are Shal (Shorea robusta).

The Vihara was built by the king Bhavadeva, who was the ruler of the Early-Deva dynasty. It’s shape is rectangled. Every side is 167.7 meters length. The Vihara surrounded by 5 meters wall. Four side walls and each walls are 1.5 meter wide. The central temple was in the middle of the monastery’s site.

Here has total 155 rooms and 8.5 feet wide corridor in front of the rooms and low walls in the end. There was only one door in north side. There are a hallroom and this measurement is 10 metre by 20 metre.

This  archaeological excavation have been discovered almost every year. By archeological excavations from the ruins of the monastery. Eight copper and 400 gold and silver coins, numerous terracotta seal and sculptures found in here. These elements bear the signature of ancient archeological traditions of Bangladesh.

Principal Nalini Kant Bhattashali identified this site in 1875.

★ Mainamati


Mainamati is an isolated low hills in the eastern Bangladesh. About 8 km to the west of Comilla, found this cultural heritage. There are as number of Buddhist monastery in this region, approximately date from 7th to 12th century. Comilla cantonment is in here.

Mainamati was named by the Chandra Queen, mother of Govindachandra.

The Mainamati ruins were rediscovered during the Second World War. In the survey that followed, 18 sites were recognized a protected by the government.

The Mainamati War Cemetery is in here.

The cemetery contains 736 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War. It is also an attractive place. Every year many foreign and local visitors came to the cemetery to honor the soldiers killed in the War. Every year November, an annual meeting of religious leaders of all religious is held here.

★ Itkhola Mura

Itkhola mura

Itkhola Mura is another archeological site in Comilla. It located at North Kotbari area. Here is a Border Guard Battalion camp and the site located on the northern side of this camp. Here is a temple and the other is Vihara. The zigzag hill climbs to rise above and a Buddhist statue here. Now the statue has been transferred to the museum.

Remembered, the word Itkhola comes from Itpora ( Brick burn). The place has been used burn bricks. As a result it known as Itkhola.

★ Ananda Vihara

Ananda Vihar PC: Syed Tarik

Ananda Vihara situated at Kotbari area near Comilla. It was built by Anandadeva, who was the third ruler of the early Deva dynasty, at the ends of the 7th or the beginning of 8th century AD. Among the resources discovered here are mention of various types of bronze statues, sandstones pottery and bed etc.

★ Rupban Mura

Rupbhan Mira PC: Rayhan Kabir

It is the another archeological site of Comilla, located at Kalibazar road on the southern side of Itkhola Mura. Here is situated Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD).International Standard Organization also situated in here.

★ Chandi Mura Temple

12 Kilometers south of Comilla city. Here is a meeting place of the three upazila of Laksham-Barura-Sadar, here is a little hill.Total area is 2 acres.

Chandimura temple is one of the oldest temple in Bangladesh. It was built by Provabati Debi,who is the wife of the Buddhist king Devkharag. This temple established in the 7th century. Annually three festival are held in here. Thousands of tourists visit this place every year.

Dutiya dighi is very close to it.

★ Kutila Mura

Kutila mura

It located at Comilla cantonment area and 3 miles north of Shalban Vihara. The three main stupas here. It is the symbolize the three jewels of Buddhism, there are Buddha (knowledge), Dharma (morality) and Sanggha (discipline).

★ Mainamati Palace

Mainamati Palace

Mainamati palace is the residence of Queen Mainamati, popularly known as Rani Bungalow. It located beside Comilla-Sylhet road.Its walls is 510 feet long and 400 feet wide in the north-south.Some  elementary found in here,that is made from gold and bronze. This palace established in eighth century.

★ Mainamati Museum 

Mainamati museum

Mainamati museum located besides the Shalban Vihara in Comilla. This museum has all the ancient monuments and various royal history, used utensils, gold and silver coins, small bronze, statues of bronze, statues of golds,burnt pots,ornamental bricks,stone statues, pottery and copper utensils, everyday use materials, beets,khunti, ax, that,bowl,bedding etc.

In the museum, the precious archetype rescued from Shri Bhavdev Mahavira, Kotila Mura,Chaputra Mura,Rupban Mura,Itkhola Mura, Anandabihar, Rani Bungalow etc.

The museum is built in size and has a villa and surrounded by a flower garden, green vegetables.


BARD PC: Choton Haque

BARD is the Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development. It was established by Akhter Hamid Khan in 1959. It is located at Kotbari, 10 km from Comilla town. The campus has hosts residence, conference rooms,mosque, library, a health clinic, sports complex and other amenities. Also have own cafeteria.

BARD is to provide training for both officials and non- official members of the public and private institutions working on Rural Development.

Nilachal Hill is located inside the BARD ,situated in a lonely nature is the most hearty place in the world.

★ Lalmai Hill

Lalmai hill

The Lalmai Hills north-south elongated low hill range of about 17 km long and 1 to 2.4 km wide and about 8 km westward from Comilla. The northern part of the hill range is locally known as Mainamati, while the southern part is known as Lalmai. Probably, the name Lalmai is derived from red soil.

Here is a temple, named is Lalmai Chandi Temple. It is an ancient Hindu Temple of Bangladesh. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Kali.

Basically, the top of the hill are red and the tops oif the stairs.Lalmai hill of red clay is 11 miles long north-south and 2 miles wide east-west. The highest height of the hill  is 50 feet.

★ Language Soldier Dhiren Datta’s House

Dhirendranath Data, a language soldier. He was the first mother tongue speaker. Dihredranath Datta’s memorial house on the westward side of Dharmasagar in the city’s.

In 1948,Dhirendranath Data was the first to call the Constituent Assembly on behalf of the Congress to make our mother tongue Bengali the state language.

In 1971, the Pakistan army killed him cruelly.

★ The House of Sachin Dev Barman

Sachin Dev Barman ,one of the famous musicians of the Indian Subcontinent, he was born in Comilla. The Barman house, is the name of the house where Sachin was born and the house exists here. The house popularly known as the learn place of National Poet Kazxi Nazrul Islam. Government take a project, the building is going on the museum.

★ The House of Nawab Faizunnessa

Nawab Faizunnessa, she is the greatest women who work for girl education in this subcontinent. This place located at the banks of the Dakatia river in Laksham. She was also the Lord of Homnabad and also a famous writer. Here is a mosque named it Ten-domed mosque. It was built by him.

★ Dharmasagar

For the benefit of the drinking water of the people, in 1458, Lord Dharmanikya, the ruler of Tripura state, digged a dighi which was named after Dharmasagar. There is as copper plate reading on one side of the dighi. BARD founder Akhter Hamid Khan’s bungalow which is known as Ranikuti,the house of Revolutionary Atindra Mohan Sen  is in here and also many signatures of Kazi Nazrul Islam’s (National Poet) Comilla life.

★ Others

Rasmalai is the traditional food of Bangladesh. It’s native place is Comilla.

Khaddar is one types of clothes. It is traditional dress of Comilla.


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