Bangladesh: Chittagong

Chittagong Commercial Capital of Bangladesh

Chittagong is a major coastal seaport city and it is commercial capital of Bangladesh. The city is located on the banks of the Karnaphuli river between the Chittagong Hill Tracks and the Bay oif Bengal. It is also known as Chatigaon,Chatigam,Chattagrama,Islamabad, Chattala, Chaityabhumi and Porto Grande De Bengala.

Chittagong is the most attractive place in Bangladesh. Here is historic and spectacular places including the Commonwealth War Cemetery, Foy’s lake,Patenga Beach, Bansbaria Beach,Chalinda pass,The Shrine of Bayezid Bostami,Mini Bangladesh, Chagolkanda fountain, Chandranath hill, Batali hill, Shoptodhara fountain, Sohosrodhara fountain, Mahamaya lake,Sitakunda Eco park,Bhatiyari lake,Parking Sea Beach, Kupyakatakum fountain, Mithachhari fountain, Bandarakum fountain.

★ The Commonwealth War Cemetery

The Commonwealth War Cemetery was created by the British Army, established to show the honor for the soldiers and others who died in World War ||.

It is located in Dampara locality, No 19 Badsha Mia Road, 22 kilometers north of the airport and 8 kilometers from the port.

Commonwealth War Cemetery

Graves have since been transferred to this cemetery from the Lushai Hills (Assam) and other isolated sites and from Chittagong Civil Cemetery, Chandragona,Baptist Mission Cemetery, Chiringa Military Cemetery, Cox’s Bazar.

There are now 731 Commonwealth burials of the 1939-45 war here.170 of which are unidentified.

★ Foy’s Lake

Foy’s Lake

Foy’s Lake is a man-made lake in Chittagong. IT is an artificial lake located in the Khulshi area near Chittagong’s Pahartali Railway Station. It was created in 1924 by constructing a dam across the stream that came down from the hills.

It was named the British engineer who was a Railway engineer and believed to materialized the project.It has about 336 acres and it made by constructing a dam in a narrow valley between the top of the hill from one peak to the other.The highest mountain in Chittagong, named is Batali hill, located besides Foy’s lake.

Here is many interesting place and various types of rides.The mountains around the region and the middle are Arunamayi,Gadhuli,  Akashmani,Mandakini,Soulini,Alkaananda the name of the lake. On the bank of the lake,it will be seen ,the rows of boat ,both sides of the green hills,known and unknowable birds.

PC: Wahid Murad

Here is an amusement park and has boat travel,landscape, restaurants, floating stage concerts,scenic walkways and many other fun and enjoyable things. Here has 2 slides and high speed roller coasters and bumper boats.

To attract tourists a small zoo was placed at the entrance to the Foy’s Lake. Many foreign tourists from different countries run away every year due to the pleasant surroundings and natural beauty of the lake.

Also herecis University of Science and technology, Chittagong Television, CUET.Besides CTV office, has large mass killing land,1971.Wairless,is a place in here,where situated Veterinary University and a farm that directed dy the Government of Bangladesh. Also have Preetilata Monument, who is the daughter of Master Data Surjo Sen,who was the heroic hero of the anti-British movement. Full name is Preetilata Waddedar.

★ Patenga Beach

Patenga Beach

Patenga beach is a popular tourists center of Chittagong. It is located in the mouth of Karnaphuli river. The beauty of the beach has increased a lot now due to the maintenance of the dam.During the tide,the waves make up the scenic scenes.

On the way ,you will see,Shah Amanat (R) International Airport, BNS Ishakhan (Bangladesh Navy Ghati) and Chittagong Port.Here has a Burmese market, you cxan also shopping. In the evening of Patenga beach ,sunset scenes will make the mind more enchanting. The width of Patenga Beach is not very high so it is risky to swim in the sea.One group has arranged here to ride on horse.You will get as chance at 20 taka.

★ Bansbaria Beach

PC:Abdullah All Noman

It is located at Sitakunda upazila of Chittagong. Basically Sitakunda is considered as an interesting place for tourists due to various reasons.

PC:Mazharul Xion

On the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, a small market named Bansbariya Bazar is about 25 km north of Chittagong city.The beach is the main attraction, more than half a kilometers you can walk through seas.Although everybody calls it a beach but on Google Maps it shows as a canal.But there are big waves like the sea.The new wake-up of the huge sand fields,all in all this wonderful beauty is waiting for the visitors.

★ Chalonda Pass

PC:Mainul Islam Shimul

Chalonda Pass has a natural beauty. It is located within the 53 acres of Chittagong University.

A tourist need to be careful with some caution. Since the whole tide is trekking on the way to water them at first shoe should careful. Also good to keep drinking water and some dry food .Everyday many group are going to this natural path.

★ The Shrine of Bayezid Bostami (R)

Bayezid Bostami (R) Shrine is located on a hill in Nasirabad ,Chittagong. He was a famous Persian Sufi.This Shrine is a very attractive place for pilgrims from Chittagong as well as foreign tourists.The shape of thin tomb was first discovered in 1831 in the walls of a walled area on the hillside.

A courtyard is located just in the middle.Now the tomb was replaced by modern structure. There is a three- domed rectangular mosque of a typical Mughal and a huge tank on the foothills of the tomb. From the architecture, it is assumed that the mosque was built during Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb’s time.

PC: Priyo Chittagong

Bayezid Bostami’s Shrine is located in the foothills and here is a huge tank.As the inhabitant of Bostami, the tortoise and Gazar fish are famous. Regionally they are called Mazariya and Ghazari. This tortoise internationally recognized is an extremely and endangered species.

Currently, they are not seen anywhere in the world except in this pond. It is take care by the people of the shrine caretaker committee. Here is about 150 to 350 tortoise. During the reproduction season, they are arranged to lay eggs in the reserved place for them on the main hill of the shrine.

★ Chagolkanda Fountain

Chagolkanda fountainis one of the beautiful fountain in Chittagong. Basically it is a cascade. Also it known as Kamalok fountain.

Only one step can be seen from the bottom of the 3 phase founding. To see the remaining 2 steps,have to go above the fountain. Should be careful upwards. If there is a lot of slippery, a little deterioration and fear of death with breaking hands and legs.After bathing under this spring, you will be fresh.After 30 minutes walk the front path will be seen as the English “Y”.Again walk on the left side and again in front of the path is ” Y”.Again walk on the lefthand and find the second spell of this fountain.

★ Chandronath Hill,Sitakunda

Basically Sitakunda is an upazila of Chittagong district. It is the store of natural beauty. This place is not only a place of great pilgrimage to Hindus but also a very good place to visit.Chandronath hills on the east side of Sitakunda and the vast ocean in the west.4 km from Sitakunda market previously located on Chandronath hill.

On the way to Chandronath hill, you will sea some religious structure of Hindus. There are some ethnic groups who are known as Tripura. There are many fountains but only one fountain on the way to the to the Chandronath hill, from here the path to the mountain has been divided into two parts ,the road on the right is almost entirely the stairs and the road on the left is all the way to the mountains.There are some broken stairs. There are a more water near the Sita Temple but it has dried up .When the leaves of the tree wash in the rainy season, when it is clean and refreshing, it looks very nice to see the mountains are full of youth.But rising in the rainy season it is very dangerous.

★ Batali Hill

It is located in Chittagong is the main center tigerpasa area.It is the highest hill in the city of Chittagong. It’s highest is about 280 feet.Also known it “Jilpi hill”.Also called ” Shotayo Ongon”.When you go to  top of the hill you see whole town from here.

During World War || an air-disinfected cannon was placed at the top of the hill of Batali.

★ Shoptodhara Fountain

This fountain located at historical Chandronath Reserve forest block at Sitakunda upazila in Chittagong district. During the rest of the year except rainy season this water does not contain water but in the dry season, see some water.However, during the rainy season filled with spring water and spring you will see the fully able to enjoy the beauty.Here is another fountain named is Shohosrodhara fountain.

★ Shohosrodhara Fountain

PC:Ashikor Rahman

It is located Chandronath Reserve forest block of Sitakunda upazila in Chittagong. This reserve forest is 35 km from Chittagong city.It is same to Shoptodhara Fountain. During the rainy season, see the fountain full of water and enjoy the beauty of the fountain completely.

Shoptodhara & Shohosrodhara fountain is in Sitakunda Eco Park.

★ Mahamaya Lake, Mirsharai

Basically, Mirsharai is an upazila in Chittagong. Here is a lake named is Mahamaya lake.It is the second largest artificial lake in Bangladesh. Its area is about 11 sq km.

Mahamaya lake is an artificial lake built in the foothills of the hill,about two kilometers east of Thakurdighi Bazar of 8 th Durgapur Union of Mirsharai upazila. Here is tremendous mountain caves,rubber dams and fountains.

This project under the control of Bangladesh Water Development Board,to ensure the availability of irrigation water from the lake water and to undertake future hydroelectric projects.

★ Bhatiyari Lake

PC:Sajjadul Islam

Bhatiyari has amazing natural variations. Here you find everything, mountain, cristal lake water ,army controlled golf courses.The security of the whole region as the army is controlled and the Chittagong Cantonment is in here, so don’t worried about  security.

During the rainy season, the overflowing water of the Bhatiyari Lake will thrill you and at the same time enough to fill your mind on the hills and mountains on the hills.

★ Parki Sea Beach

The beach is located one and a half hours away from Chittagong. Now it is a popular sea beach .One side the flame of pine trees garden and other side vast water of the blue ocean.It is another natural beach among the many beaches of the coastal city of Chittagong. There are numerous natural variations, including red crab, pine forests.

 ★ Naptitchara Trail

It is located in Mirsharai upazila. Here is three fountains, Kupyakatakum fountain, Mithachari fountain, Bandarakum fountain.

Kupyakatakum Fountain

Start from the Nadua Market. Then start moving along the corridor in the mountains forests. After 30/40 minutes, get find the first waterfall Kupyakatakum fountain. A beautiful fountain in here.It is somewhat deep.This water is quite cold .

Mithachari Fountain

Mithachari fountain is pretty.After falling from the top to half part of the water,the water fell on two sides.During the rainy season this fountain looks very nice.

Bandarakum Fountain

Get finds the fountain after about 40/45 minutes walk along the Jheri path. This fountain is quite beautiful. It is the highest fountain of those three fountains. It is very beautiful.The best time of the rainy season is to enjoy the highest beauty of the water.

★Mini Bangladesh

Located at Boddharhat in Chittagong. It known as ” Shadhinata Complex” directed by Chittagong City Corporation. Find here all historical architecture. Also a highest Revolving restaurants, amusement park. You can see whole Bangladesh just here.

PC:Nadir Bin Ibrahim

★ Khayyachara Fountain

This fountain located at Mirsharai upazila in Chittagong. It has 9 step. Really a wonderful fountain. Khayyachara fountain is an undoubtedly one of the biggest waterfalls in Bangladesh. Total 9 steps and many isolated steps prove that there is no such water that is yet to be seen in Bangladesh. There are a mountain which is burning,even in rainy season, where the fire never ceases.The aesthetic beauty of nature is fascinated by the beauty of this.Khayyachara is called the “Queen of fountain” in Bangladesh.


It located at Pahartali in Chittagong. It is the ancient and largest pilgrim place of Hindus.

★ Rani Rashmoni Beach

It located the bank of the Karnaphuli river. It is locally very popular.

★ Ethnological Museum

The Ethnological Museum,is the only ethnological museum in Bangladesh and located at Agrabad in Chittagong.It was established in 1965 and the museum opened to the public in 1974.The museum contains displays featuring the history of Bangladesh’s tribal people.

★ Laldhigi

Everyone know this place as a political meeting place. About 4-5 lakhs people joined a political meeting in here.

Also Jabbar’s wrestling (Jabbar’s boli khela) is popular here and this sports is playing here.

How to go?

Chittagong is the commercial capital of Bangladesh. Here is an International Airport named is Shah Amanat International Airport. So foreigner comes here directly. Otherwise, many bus services has go to Chittagong from capital city Dhaka.

Picture courtesy: facebook

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Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach




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