Bangladesh: Bandarban

Bandarban: Heaven of Bangladesh

Bandarban  is a district of South Eastern Bangladesh. Total area is 4499 square kilometers and least populated area of Bangladesh. Not only one of the most attractive tourists destinations in Bangladesh but also most attractive tourist place in South Asia.

Bandarbn, it’s meaning is the dam of monkeys. Yes, the meaning is the perfect. All of the highest peaks of Bangladesh are located at Bandarban district. Such as Tahjindong peak,also called it Bijoy ,Mowdok Mual peak, Keokradong peak.

Bandarban has many attractive place including Nilgiri,Nilachal,Shaila Propats,Prantik lake, Chimbuk hills,Bagakain lake ( Bogs lake),Rijuk fall,Golden Temple, Mirinja tourists, Jadipai Waterfall.

★ Tahjindong Peak


Tahjindong is officially the country’s highest peak.It is located at Ruma upzila in Bandarban district. Officially the highest of the mountain is 1280 metres.

Tahjingdong peak

★ Keokradong Peak

Keokradong peak PC: facebook

Keokradong is a peak, with an elevation of 986 meters or 3235 fit.It is the fifth highest mountain in Bangladesh.

On the top of Keokradong there is a small shelter and a sing board put up by the Bangladeshi military proclaiming the elevation to be 967 meters.

★ Mowdok Mual peak

Mowdok Mual peak

Mowdok Mual indirectly known as Zow Tlang is guarding the eastern Bangladesh and Myanmar border.Its an elevation of 1021.69m.Many accomplished local adventurers describe this is one of the most wildest peak of Bangladesh. The peak was submitted in 2005 by two Bangladeshi adventures, Subrata Days Nitish and Bijoy Shankar Kar.

★ Nilgiri and Thanci

Nilgiri & Teaching Courtesy: facebook

Nilgiri is most of the attractive place in whole Bangladesh. You can see here hills,sky,cloud,rain,sun,fog all in together. Nilgiri, due to its high elevation from the sea level, this place is always clouded and this is the special attraction of this tourist center.

Nilgiri Picture: MD Aman Ullah

This tourists spot is being managed by Bandarban army under the supervision of 69 Infantry Regiment. The whole surrounding scenes are very nice on the way. Where two eyes go ,green and green only it is a different feeling if you want to see the clouds,then it runs away the natural beauty of Lilabhumi Bandarban.

★ Nilachal

Nilachal,one of the landmarks about six kilometres from the town of Bandarban.this tourist attraction has been developed.


Nilachal, called it Darjeeling of Bengal for its beauty. The project was inaugurated the January 1,2006. The projects include the beautiful restroom for tourists named Shuvrenila,Hanging Neela(Jholonto neela),Neharka and Valentine’s point.

The extra attraction in Blueberries, is the blue color resort name Navigation Skeptic Resort.


Around the hilly slopes of the horizontal hills,the paved paths,the hillside and the rivers should be painted artist. The entire Bandarban city can be seen from this hills at a glance.

Sunrise & Sunset can be seen from here. Nilachal hill area is called the heaven. Tourists can enjoy the wonderful view of Cox’s Bazar beaches in the sky without clouds. Especially the scenes of Sunlight in Nilachal bring a sense of feeling in our mind.Monsoon in this place, autumn or autumn may be touched in three season.

★ Saila Prapata

Saila prapata

It is located at Ruma upazila in Bandarban district. It is ASN amazing creation of natural beauty. The frostly water of the spring is always flowing here.The water of this fountain is very transparent and the heme is cool.In the rainy season, when the fountains are visible, the flooding of the fountain. There is a rush of roads on the side of the road because of the tourist crowd. Most of the time it is filled with foreign tourists.

★ Prantik Lake 

Prantik lake Courtesy: Anam Ul Hasan

This lake is located in the village of Haludia near the Keranihat-Bandarban road of Bandarban district. It is surrounded by beautiful trees and plants.This lake situated about 29 acres of land.

★ Chimbuk Hills

Chimbuk hill

Chimbuk hills known today as abroad is beyond the boundaries of the country. Basically the views of the mountain is very wonderful. The sunset and the sunrise scenes from this mountain will impress any tourist.

Chimbuk hill Courtesy: Tasneem Afnan

After the hills, here in the garland of their own glory. Full-fledged Jellai is full of natural scenes. The green hills and the monkeys will be seen in the eyes.There are many tribal habitats along the route to Chimbuk. The mountains and hills are just about to look at the peak of the whistle. Scenic view of green hills.

The river that flows through the mountains, which will take you for away. If luck is good and if the weather is on your side ,you can stand on the top of the Chimbuk and see the clouds. She’s an awesome feeling.

★ Bagakain or Baga Lake

Baga Lake Courtesy: facebook

Bagalake is one of the tourists attraction place in Bandarban of Bangladesh. Nature made its water on the hill here,creating waves on the hills,this lake has been built.This lake spread over an area of 15 acres on the top of the mountain top of 1700 feet above sea level.The lake of calm is covered with a blue from the sky and it has got its color.

On the top of the hill,a blue color with a blue collapse of blues water has created a natural collage. Nature has poured here a lot of greenish touches.As the whole place of the Bagalake sprouts in the color of canvas and the nature of the water is drawn in its own way.

★ Rijuk Waterfalls

Rijuk fountain

The continuous stream of natural mountain water is located in Dumas upazila, 66 km south-east of the district headquarters.

★ Buddha Datu Jadi Temple

Buddha Datu Jadi Temple

Buddha Datu Jadi Temple, locally called it Shorno Mondir. Also known as Bandarban Golden Temple.Dhatyu are the material remains of a holy person and in this temple the relics belong to Buddha.

It is largest Theravada Buddhist temple in Bangladesh and second largest Buddha statue of Bangladesh. There is a lake on this hill.The name of the lake is Debota pukur (meaning that pond of the God) and there is water in all seasons.

It was built in 2000 in Arakanese architecture an adoption of South East Asia.

Buddhu Datu Jadi Temple

This Jadi is no longer the pilgrimage site of Buddhist communities, it has become one of the most attractive spots for foreign tourists. It is known as the Golden Temple but it is not gold made.It has been named as Golden temple for its Golden colour.

In addition to BudBuddhism, the temple has a philosophy system in exchange for tickets to other pilgrims. However ordinary attendees are not allowed to entre the main part of the temple, where there is Jadi. After six o’clock in the temple,the visitors are not allowed to entire the temple. In the the the temple complese, entry of short pants,lungi and shoes is prohibited.

★ Milanchari

Milanchari ,on his way to dript is Chimbuk. On the high altitudes of the hill,standing on the road,on the eastern end, playing the forbidden green and tearing the green nature of the mountain, the charming river Sangu.

★ Saikat Para

The area is quite dirty and tidy.There is as large playground in such high altitude.There is always a very cold wind boy here.From here , the Keokradong mountain is seen.

★ Jadipai Waterfall

Jadipai waterfall

It located at Ruma upazila. It is one of the widest waterfalls in Bangladesh.

The way is throughout zigzag and some places slender. At long these lines traveler will pass the “Passing Para” and “Jadi Para” .Last 30 minutes of this journey is truly risky. After all when the travelers reaches to Jadipai falls , he will ooverlook all the anguish on the grounds that the natural magnificence of Jadipai waterfall is truly stunning and surprising.

★ Ikakhum Waterfalls

It is the most beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh located at the remote Nakshiang of Thanci upazila of Bandarban. This waterfall is coming down strongly in the hills and green hills. Milk-coloured foam is spreading on the stone.Soaked in the side of the rocky stalk,continuous with waterfalls and fluctuations.

If you see the scenes in the mountain of deep and leave the locality, you will be deeply engrossed in life.

Here is another attraction Thacni-Alikadam Road via Dim hills. It is 33 kilometers highest motorable road in Bangladesh, which is 2500 feet above sea level.

How to go?

Many transport companions leave the buses from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. In this case AC & Non AC ,Botha are available. In that case the rent will be paid 8USD to 15 USD.

Accommodation management is very beautiful and safety. Here is many hotels, motels,and resorts.


Hazrat Shahjalal (RA)

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