I am Anjumanara from Bangladesh. I am a Government Primary School Teacher. I am very proud for my profession.

I would like to bring to the people of my country all over the world. So here I presents my whole country , Bangladesh.

I like working with different nationalities, their local food and familiar foods, heritage, culture, historic places of different countries and local sports in different countries.

Also works for  various information of the world , culture, festival,life style, health tips, sports, food, animal world, flower, fish, birds, vegetables, ocean world, world notable person, invention, science & technology etc to the people, who wants to know everything .

Now it works like an addiction to me. Constantly collect various unknown information .

Later, I think it should be stored. As a result, this website starts the journey.

When you visit this site or read it’s posts, you must express your opinion in the comments box. Besides, we request you to highlight your country’s heritage, culture, food, sports, and presentable places. If you want to publish it through this site, please contact me at the following email – amanara832@gmail.com.


Note: The food recipes mentioned on this site are not contradictory to the Muslim religion.

Thanks to all.

Allah Hafez.

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