About Anjumanara

I am Anjuman Ara and I am a proud Govt. School Teacher from a respectable Muslim family living in Shahrasti, Chandpur,  Bangladesh.
Bangladesh is a major subcontinental country when it’s about seasoned food varieties.

As Bangladesh is a country where different religious views mostly Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians live here with peace and harmony. The majority of people live in village where the food habit and cooking style is a little bit different with others and their cooking style varies. Bangladesh is highly enriched with the cuisine. Besides the Tribal people living mostly in hilly area they have their style of cooking and tradition too. Here’s have various types of famous local dish which is represents their own region. The most common Lunch and Dinner item here is Rice. So, the feast with rice and rice-made food is obvious.

Ambitions of Anjumanara

I want to represent Bangladeshi traditional agro-based food varieties, cultures, natural or endemic variations etc. to all over the world.  So I try to make myself as a dynamic person and i like working with different nationalities, their local food and familiar foods, heritages, cultures, historic places of different countries and sports.

Also I have special interest for various information of the world, festival, life style, health tips, animal world, flower, fish, birds, vegetables, ocean world, world notable persons, inventions, science & technology etc.

 In conclusion,

I created this website which published  the  food, culture, tradition of Bangladesh and all over the world.

So, considering all aspects, let’s start  the people know about those things that can show different varieties of the country.

Anyone visiting this site or reading any posts that may help me  to express your  opinion in the comments box. I will be happy to help you for your any suggestion.

Please  send me a email  the  Contact page.

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