Biryani Recipe

Delicious food Biryani, history & recipe History “Biryani ” words is an Urdu word derived from the Persian language. Although the exact origin of the dish is uncertain but different Read More »

Street Foods in Kolkata

Some Street Food History & Recipe of Kolkata, India Basically Kolkata known as the Cultural Capital of India and pioneer city in Indian renaissance.It has some famous food. This foods Read More »

Local Famous Dish

Local famous dish in Bangladesh Bangladesh is one of the famous country for its traditional food. One districts have its own tradition and its local dish is most popular in Read More »

Food: Bangladeshi Sweets

Some Bangladeshi traditional sweets recipe & it’s history  Sweets is one of the most delicious food for all. Bengali culture has a good pride on their sweets. Bengalis are the Read More »

Bangladesh: Comilla City

Comilla: Most oldest city in Bangladesh Comilla is metropolitan city in eastern Bangladesh. It is the second largest city of eastern Bangladesh after Chittagong and one of the three oldest Read More »

Food: Mashed

Some Mashed Recipe Mashed is one of the most favorite food in Bengali culture. It is a traditional food in Bangladesh. It is most perfect for white rice or panta Read More »

Food: Rui Fish Recipe

Rui Fish: Some Bangladeshi Recipe Rui or Ruhi is one of the favorite food fish in the whole world. Every country has own cooking tradition. Here is some Bangladeshi/Bengali recipe. Read More »

Food: Bangladeshi Pitha

Make Pitha in Bangladeshi way Pitha ,it is a common word .Basically it means cake.Bangladesh has a good source of Pitha.People make this in various occasions. Actually it is the most Read More »

Food: Beef Recipe

Some Beef Recipe: Bangladeshi way Beef is one of the most favorite food in all,basically in Bangladesh.This red meat has higher protein. Here is some beef recipe in Bangladeshi way. ★ Read More »

Food: Lentils Recipe

Various types of Lentils Recipe  Lentils is small but nutritionally it mighty member of legume. It us excellent source of molybdenum and folate. We can cook it various process. Here is Read More »

Bangladesh: Chittagong

Chittagong: Commercial Capital of Bangladesh Chittagong is a major coastal seaport city and it is commercial capital of Bangladesh. The city is located on the banks of the Karnaphuli river Read More »

Bangladesh: Bandarban

Bandarban: Heaven of Bangladesh Bandarban  is a district of South Eastern Bangladesh. Total area is 4499 square kilometers and least populated area of Bangladesh. Not only one of the most Read More »

Food: Ilish Recipe (Bengali)

Ilish Recipe on Bengali Dish Ilish or Hilsha fish is the national fish of Bangladesh. Not only Bangladesh but also it is most popular and favorite fish in the world.It has Read More »

Food: Chicken Recipe

Chicken Recipe -Bengali Dish Chicken almost one of the most favorite dish in everyone. Every  countries has own cooking method. Here is some Bengali Recipe. ★ Chicken cheese ball Basically it is Read More »

Bangladesh: Rangamati

Rangamati: Amazing creation of Nature Rangamati is a district in south-eastern Bangladesh. Area wise it is the largest district of the country. Here is 52% tribal and 48% non-tribal people. The Read More »

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