Dark chocolate cake recipe

Dark chocolate cake recipe ; One of the delicious cake  in every people Dark chocolate cake recipe collect from Bengali cuisine.  Dark chocolate cake one of the most delicious in Read More »

Rainbow cake recipe

Rainbow cake recipe makes your kitchen on Bengali styles Rainbow cake recipe collection from Bengali cuisine. Always we ate cake and wants some different and some special. Rainbow cake found Read More »

Valentines day hidden heart cake

Valentines Day Hidden Heart Cake recipe from Bengali cuisine Valentine Day Hidden Heart Cake recipe . Recipe by  Suchana Islam   Ingredients 2 Egg (at room temperature) Flour 1/2 cup Read More »

Fruits cake recipe

Fruits cake recipe from Bengali cuisine Fruits cake recipe collection from Bengali cuisine. We make some different types of dishes in everyday but  i think this fruits cake recipe is Read More »

Vanilla cake recipe

Vanilla cake recipe: Makes on Bengali style Vanilla cake recipe collection from Bengali cuisine, now you can makes it on Bengali style. Cake is most delicious and favorite  foods item Read More »

Mutton roast biryani recipe

Mutton roast biryani recipe  from Bengali cuisine Mutton roast biryani recipe  collection from Bengali cuisine. It is one of the most delicious items in Bengali cuisine. Every occasion don’t be think Read More »

Oats vegetables Khichuri

Oats vegetables Khichuri ,A special types of khichuri Oats vegetables khichuri  is one the most essential dishes for health. It will help to reduce weight eating regularly. People use oats in Read More »

Sour-sweet chicken roast recipe

Sour  Sweet Chicken Roast Recipe collection from Bengali cuisine Sour  sweet chicken roast recipe of wedding reception style. Basically this recipe used wedding party in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi people so much foodie, Read More »

Mango Sticky rice recipe

Mango  Sticky Rice recipe from Thai cuisine   Mango  sticky rice  one of the traditional desserts of Thai cuisine, which is makes from glutinous rice,coconut milk, ripe mango and other Read More »

Kabaddi sports

Kabaddi sports: National sports of Bangladesh & also an ancient sports of Indian subcontinent Discription Kabaddi sports is  the national sports of Bangladesh. Not only it national sports but also Read More »

Malinichara Tea garden

Malinichara Tea Garden; First tea garden in this subcontinent Malinichara Tea Garden is the first tea garden in Indian subcontinent, which is located on the Sylhet International Airport. It is  Read More »

Egg Tomato Combination curry

Egg Tomato Combination curry recipe from Bengali cuisine Egg Tomato combination curry is well known in Bengali cuisine. Almost everyone know its recipe. Egg is a protein based food and Read More »

Caribbean Dove

Caribbean doveCaribbean dove: A species of  birds in the Columbidae family Description The Caribbean dove  is a species of birds in the family Columbidae. Its Scientific name is  Leptotila jamaicensis. This is  about 11.5 Read More »

Sylhet District

Sylhet District: Largest Tea processing area & amazing beautiful place Sylhet District is the  largest tea processing area of Bangladesh.It is the administrative seat of Sylhet Division. Sylhet District also known as Jalalabad, the Read More »

Crested Coua Bird

Crested Coua: Medium sized and most attractive bird Description The crested coua  is a medium-sized bird and one of the most attractive birds. It’s scientific name is Coua cristata. Approximately it is Read More »

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